Social Font Face

My vector social media icon compilation font has been featured on I used this font to create my social media icons right below my into. Check it out here or on github

SASS is awesome! Its one of the two popular CSS 2.0 stylesheet languages, in addition to LESS.  Compass is a ruby Gem that adds a bunch of cool extras to SASS, is a GUI for Compass that makes this whole process super easy for those that are not familiar with Ruby. I have forked the project and included binaries that I will recompile for releases.

Presenting at Drupal Camp Philadelphia

This year along with some co-workers from NavigationArts, I will be presenting a session at Drupaldelphia regarding the migration of content we did for a major university. During this session we will also be addressing some of methods we use to collaborate on code development like features, svn, and drush-deploy. I will be speaking at 10:10am in room 33 of Alter Hall (Temple University). Information on our session can be found at:

Drupaldelphia 2012 on June 22nd

Drupaldelphia will be held on June 22nd this year at Temple University. MerlinofChaos, author of views, ctools, and panels (and more) will be giving the keynote for the event. So far we have 16 proposed sessions submitted and will be accepting 25. If you would like to suggest ideas for sessions, leave a comment here, contact me or contact me.

App to Hide and Show hidden files

Check out the app I made for hiding and showing your hidden files! Executing commands in terminal is annoying when you are using a GUI, but so are the hidden files that Mac creates all over the place. I have used a few other similar apps but they all have popups that have you choose Hide or Show.

It should be pretty obvious if you execute an app to hide or show and your files are hidden that you want to show them or vice versa.

So I made ShowHide, check it out on github...

Add Drupal Clean URLs to Lighttpd

This is what you need to do in order to get Clean URL's working on lighttpd with Drupal. Note, this WORKS with Drupal 7 and imagecache (image in Drupal 7).

Open /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

Add these Lines:

## ImageCache rules
url.rewrite-if-not-file = (
"^/(.*)$" => "/index.php?q=$1"

5 dev tools you should be using

Every blog has an article on the same stuff we've all been using for years, Firebug, Chrome developer tools, jQuery. Okay, they're great but everybody already uses them. Here's a few awesome tools that rock which you may not already be familiar with yet.

Welcome to the new site!

I decided to give the site a facelift  for the new year and add some new features like a blog, as well as a news section. I plan to keep the blog updated with cool stuff, brief tutorials, and material that I find useful to the development and marketing community (Especially if I can't find it anywhere else on the net). In the news section I will make regular updates on relevant changes in the tech world.

I have created a hub to (most of) my social networking accounts so follow me or connect if you'd like!


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